26 Jul

The Teddy tootle has always been special and with time it is blossoming for proffering efficacious human qualities around the globe. Yeah! Might sound intriguing to all those who haven't had the chance to live or grow around a giant teddy bear and some of those who have might have not even realized how a boo bear's presence might have added a feeling of togetherness, compassion, nurturing in their personality. Not only this but it must have given them impeccable love and hope during times of hardships!So, let us quickly burst the cloud of your curiosity and show you some hidden teddy healing for humans…

# It has the softest touch

Teddy bears have the most gentle touch and having them around melts away all the negative and stringiness of the humans and gives them the perfect relaxation.

# Instils in them the feeling of affection and care

When a person is living with a jumbo teddy bear, he involves himself in lots of silent skills that make him an overall better individual. Also, the presence of a boo bear is such that it will develop a feeling of perseverance and optimism regardless of the changing graph of situations.

# Promotes healthy sleep

Sleeping around the big fluffy furs of a teddy bear gives individuals the ultimate sleep which leads to many health benefits, physically, emotionally, and psychologically! A sound sleep leads to a happy mood and a strong will to face the world.

# It is a timeless buddy

Regardless of changing times and mortality of life, these remain the same precious companions in our lives who without aging are there to give us the eternal support which we get right from the day these enter into our lives.

# It can develop cognitive skills

The giant teddy bear have been known for creating better interpersonal and cognitive skills that are of utmost importance for living a healthy social life

"There is no denying that by giving us these multifold qualities, the giant teddy bears can soothe an individual with the vibration of joy! They truly are the epitome of brotherhood and happy vibes! "


Once you have made up your mind to live with a teddy bear or feel like gifting someone, it is evident to strive for the perfect size that goes best with the needs of the person. So, here's all that you can select from-

Mr. Cuddles - Size 4ft - Brown

An adorable cute smile sewn in the super-soft brown furs is something that keeps the conventional teddy tale intact but with a larger size. This teddy comes with a heart-shaped cushion that holds the message to "LOVE". It is ideal to remind you of the power and peace of love to deal with the tough days!

Giant Teddy Bear - Size 6ft - Light Brown

This is another shade that has been created in the classic brown love for teddies and is all the bigger!

Panda Bear - Size 6ft - Black & White

For those who are fond of panda bears, you can go for this black and white furry companion that has a smile as cute as a Teddy and has the same material and furs!


  • What's the ambiance of your room? That will decide the size and color of your bear. Do you want to keep him in your bedroom or want him to be a part of your playroom?
  • Analyze your expectations and pick the one that suits your personality the best!


Soft Bears have qualities resembling humans and therefore even though we fear the real ones, these soft toys, be they of any size won't add that feeling to us. They possess only the good ones and have nix to annoy us, unlike humans. Why not welcome the giant ones then? Pick one now for yourself and your special ones. Spread the brotherhood !!

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